The next events (after the summer break) are being planned and will be announced soon.

Looking back

Jerusalem Peace Garden

«May Peace Prevail On Earth»: Jerusalem, St George’s Pilgrim Guesthouse.
Read about the Jonas Alumni in Jerusalem», december 2022.

Jonas Foundation
London: Splendid performance of the Musical Cantate «Captain Noah and his Floatin Zoo»

Jonas Foundation
Atelier créatif, Centre of Malagnou, Geneva.

Brigitte Oceane

Geneva: What joy after receiving the diploma!

Elisa and…
Concert photo
Concert photo
… both pupils in our Geneva project, win a music prize at a Canadian Music Competition

Choeur Jonas Genève en concert – ReformActionGeneva: The Jonas Choir at the ReformAction Festival. Image gallery

CD album
« Danses et chants »

CD Album

Komuz Class

congratulations Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, komuz class. Komuz is an ancient fretless string instrument, the best-known national instrument in Kyrgyzstan. More about this project


congratulations London: Darcy Dixon has been accepted at Oxford University!

Thank You!

kids holding donation poster We received a wonderful donation from the French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust.
Jonas Music Project at Elephant-and-Castle

Our Projects

Jonas Foundation runs projects in: London, Paris, Geneva, Georgia/ Caucasus, Kyrgyzstan.
Projects in Switzerland: Scholarships, music and drama camps, various opportunities.
Temporary projects: Armenia, Germany, India, Israel, Madagascar, Montenegro, Palestine, Russia.