Syens VD (Switzerland), 11 June:

Guitar concert in Syens, participation of Enrique Mejia Perez

Bioley-Magnoux VD (Switzerland), 18 June:

5pm, Château de Bioley-Magnoux: Concert given by the Hill House Choral Scholars (Hill House International School, London, Dir. Richard Townend) and students from the Jonas Foundation, Geneva

Looking back

Jonas Foundation
London: Splendid performance of the Musical Cantate «Captain Noah and his Floatin Zoo»

Jonas Foundation
Atelier créatif, Centre of Malagnou, Geneva.

Jonas Foundation
Concert in Syens with Enrique Mejia Perez, prizewinner of the «Concours Suisse de Musique pour la Jeunesse 2021».

Brigitte Oceane

Geneva: What joy after receiving the diploma!

Elisa and…
Concert photo
Concert photo
… both pupils in our Geneva project, win a music prize at a Canadian Music Competition

Choeur Jonas Genève en concert – ReformActionGeneva: The Jonas Choir at the ReformAction Festival. Image gallery

CD album
« Danses et chants »

CD Album

Christmas calendar review

Christmas Calendar

Komuz Class

congratulations Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan, komuz class. Komuz is an ancient fretless string instrument, the best-known national instrument in Kyrgyzstan. More about this project


congratulations London: Darcy Dixon has been accepted at Oxford University!

Thank You!

kids holding donation poster We received a wonderful donation from the French Huguenot Church of London Charitable Trust.
Jonas Music Project at Elephant-and-Castle

Our Projects

Jonas Foundation runs projects in: London, Paris, Geneva, Georgia/ Caucasus, Kyrgyzstan.
Projects in Switzerland: Scholarships, music and drama camps, various opportunities.
Temporary projects: Armenia, Germany, India, Israel, Madagascar, Montenegro, Palestine, Russia.