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The Foundation runs projects «Music and Art for Integration» in London, in Paris / StDenis, in Berlin / Moabit – at a Rehabilitation Centre in Kent, England, and in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Presently, it conducts a project for traditional music in Buchur, Kyrgyzstan. The Jonas Foundation supports also a peace project in Jerusalem (Open House, Ramle, Jerusalem).

In Switzerland, the Foundation offers scholarships to talented students, runs Music and Drama Camps in Summer, and may offer more opportunities to marginalized youth for integration through the Arts.

Past projects: In Armenia, with handicapped children; a drama workshop in Ramallah, Holy Land; music with blind children, in India; a puppet workshop during Summer in Gaza City; dance and drumming lessons at a Centre for disoriented youth, in Tel Aviv; a Musical with adolescents with hearing impairment from Montenegro; various Summer activities.

June 2016, Geneva: Concert

June 4th, Temple de Champel, Geneva/Switzerland: Everybody enjoyed a wonderful concert with the Jonas musicians and the choir!

May 2016: Visit to Tbilisi, Georgia/Caucasus

Former Ambassador Willhelm Jaggi and Brigitta Jaggi with the Choir. Front left: Dachi Taktakishvili, Director of the «Jonas»-project in Tbilisi.
Natia Beraia Taktaishvili, pianist and choir director.

Members of the Board visited the «Jonas» project in Tbilisi, Georgia/Caucasus.

March 2016, Geneva: Scholars at Jazz Festival

Elisa at the piano.
Sébastien playing the saxophone.

Two Jonas scholars played at the Festival «Les jeunes parmi le Jazz».

4th March 2016, Collège André-Chavanne, Geneva / Grand-Lancy

Photo: Nati Poletti Larrea

March 2016, London: Fundraising Concert

It was a wonderful Fundraising concert featuring recorder ensembles and soloists under the direction of Sue Klein!
March 12th, Herne Hill Baptist Church, Dulwich

A CD is available an can be ordered at the Jonas Foundations address.

November 2015, London: Piano Concert with Reto Reichenbach

The Swiss concert pianist Reto Reichenbach played pieces by Domenico Scarlatti, Frank Martin, Joseph Haydn and Franz Schubert.

Fundraising for the «Jonas» music project at Elephant-and-Castle, Southwark

Founders’ Hall, 
Hill House School, 2, Radnor Walk
Chelsea, London, SW3

January 2016, Switzerland: The Jonas choir sings at the Protestant Church in Sion

31st January 2016, Sion-Sierre, Valais/Switzerland
Direction: Christine Sigwart and Ruth Bonuccelli
Reverend F. Schlaepppi and G. Cavin

December 2015, Kyrgyzstan: The «Young Enthusiasts» end of the year concert

December 30th 2015, Ak Orgo Settlement, Bishkek.

(Photo: Ak Orgo, Bishkek)
(Photo: Ak Orgo, Bishkek)
Choir and Komuze pupils.
The dance class.

Décembre 2015, Genève: Choeur Jonas

6 Décembre 2015
Messe Oecuménique du Deuxième Dimanche de l’Avent
Centre Oecuménique du Lignon, Paroisse de l’Epiphanie
1219 Le Lignon / Genéve

Célébrants: Le Père Jean-Marc Lacreuze, 
Pasteur Jean-Daniel Schneeberger
Le choeur «Jonas», ici avec Ruth Bonuccelli
Piano: Christine Sigwart
Saxophones: Sébastien et Emmanuel
Guitare: Enrique
Violoncelle: Ruth Bonuccelli

Tbilisi/Georgia, September 2015: Support from a Scottish charity

A cheque of £ 5’000 has been offered to the Jonas Foundation project in Tbilisi, Georgia, by the Tartan Army Children’s Charity, Edinburgh.
Picture: Natia Beraia with the choir and supporters of the Tartan Army Children’s Charity in kilt!

The supporters of the Tartan Army Children’s Charity – with Dorothy Wilson.
After the concert, the choir enjoys an outing to Mxcheta.
Natia and Dachi Taktakishvili-Beraia, directors of the Jonas Foundation Music project in Georgia.

April 2015, Kyrgyzstan: Dance presentation

April 2015: Wonderful dance presentation of the Jonas project at the Buchur Educational Centre, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

April 2015, Switzerland: Easter Camp

Easter Camp at Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland, 7—10 April 2015
Eightteen children and adolescents from London and Geneva spent a wonderful few days at Bioley-Magnoux.
To play together, to be part of an orchestra; to sing well known songs and learn new ones!
The young musicians prepared a concert which showed the talent of everyone.
It has been a moving and beautiful moment.
A great thank you to teachers, helpers and to the wonderful audience!

Concert at the Community Centre, April 9th 2015: The choir with Ruth Bonuccelli.

The orchestra plays Scottish Reels and other dances…!

Video now available

The film of the musical "Jonah and the Whale" is now available! To order, please write to: The Jonas Foundation · 7, Route d'Oppens · CH-1407 Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland or:

Teaching Music at Meadows School

For the past eleven years students at Meadows School receive much encouragement by learning to play an instrument: Cello!
Teacher: Peter Rayner. | Website:

December 2014: Christmas Service

December 14th 2014 – Eglise Protestante Française de Londres.

Christmas Service with Pasteur Stéphane Desmarais. With the Jonas Choir. Conductor: Charles MacDougall.

December 2014: Christmas Concert

December 13th 2014 – St Matthew's Church, Elephant-and-Castle, London.

Christmas Concert with the Jonas Choir. Conductor: Charles MacDougall.

December 2014, London: Graduation

Congratulations to Efua Boakye (MSc in Pharmacy)!

August 2014: Summercamp in Scotland

The Trossachs, Loch Lomond, Scotland.
Making music at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch, a great Tourists' Centre: Stephanie James, Ruth Bonuccelli, James Bush, Carolina.
Peter Rayner filming in the rain!
A great atmophere at Ardoch... here with the staff at Ardoch Centre.
The Choir with Christine Sigwart, at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch.
  • 9th-16th August 2014, at Ardoch, Loch Lomond
  • Theme: "Jonah and the Whale", a musical
  • With twenty children and teenagers from Switzerland and London

Film now available
The film of the musical "Jonah and the Whale" is now available! If you are interested, please write to: The Jonas Foundation · 7, Route d'Oppens · CH-1407 Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland or:

August 2014: Crescendo course, Hungary

Jovana Raljic from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Jonas Foundation scholarship) performs at Rakoczi Var Castle, Sarospatak, with the Lappeenrate Orchestra, Finland. Conductor: Tibor Boganyi.

June 2014: Lutheran Church Tbilisi – Jonas in concert

Natia Beraia writes:

«The concert in Lutheran Church on 22nd of June was very successful! Children performed in a very hight level. All of them were very motivated, happy and joyful! Audience loved them! I can say that it was one of the most successful concert we have ever organized.

Mari, Rati, Soso, Tiko, Tamar, Eric, Mari and Christina played the piano. Eric, Tiko, Mari and me played little piano duets written specially for us by Mrs. West. Vasiko played the Clarinet. We sang beautiful choirs of Caccini - Ave Maria, I.S. Bach - «Jesus is my love for ever» and Schubert - Ave maria.»

May 2014: The Jonas Choir at St Peter's Cathedral, Geneva

The Jonas Choir sings at the "Fête de l'Eglise Protestante de Genève". 
St Peter's Cathedral Geneva, 25th may 2014.

Mai 2014: Sunday-Brunch for Mother's Day at Peney-le-Jorat, Switzerland

May 11th 2014, salle communale of Peney-le-Jorat (VD).
Students from London and StDenis play at Mother's Day directed by Yu-Wei Hu, Ruth Bonuccelli, Miriam Schild.
Report of Journalist Dany Schaer in local newspapers (french): «Porter l’espoir par le biais de la musique»

London: Music project

Music project at "Elephant and Castle", Southwark: Manuel Nsita with the Percussion Group.

See more informations on the Pages of "Jonas Foundation UK"!

Spontaneous choral work

November 2013
A spontaneous get together of teachers, students and alumni take advantage of some spare time to study a two part choral work.

News from Georgia

Rati and Mari with their Professor Dachi Taktakishvil, Piano.
Dachi and Natia Taktakishvili with the Jonas Choir at the Evang. Lutheran Church, Tbilisi

– After the closing down of orphanages –

Thanks to the generous hospitality of the Evang. Lutheran Church in Tbilisi (Bishop H.-Joachim Kiderlen, Mrs Christiane Hummel), the Jonas music project «Les Enfants de la Musique» in Tbilisi continues its activities! 
Direction: Natia-Beraïa Taktakishvili (piano and choir), Dachi Taktakishvili (piano).


June 2013: Rati (12 yrs) won the Gold Medal and First Prize in the Georgian Classical Music Competition (Liszt, Hungarian Rapsody, No 2).
June 2013: Mari (14 yrs) acquired the Diploma in Music (Chopin, Polonaise in C sharp min).
September 2013: Tamuna (18 yrs) entered Ilia State University, Tbilisi

Summercamp at Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland

June 29th to July 7th 2013.

July 2013, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Scholarships

The Jonas Foundation offered two scholarships to attend a Masterclass in Violin and Piano at the Crescendo Institute, Sarospatak, Hungary.
The beneficiaries were Andreji (15yrs) and Jovana (19yrs) from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Andreji and Jovana had been selected to play at the Gala Concert. Jovana won First Prize. Congratulations to both students!

Photos: Andreji with his Professor, Reto Reichenbach. Jovana in concert.

September 2013: Scholarship to bosnian-herzegovinian student

A Scholarship has been offered to Jovana from Bosnia-Herzegovina for Violin Studies at the Kunst-Universität, Graz, Austria (Prof.Silvia Marcovici).

The Jonas Choir at the Fête des Nations

Stuart Whatton, Piano
Jonas Choir!

June 15, 2013
Fête des Nations
ARENA, Geneva

Fête de la Musique, Lausanne

The choir gets ready to sing at Eglise Saint-François.
The choir sings at Saint-François Church.
Christine and Sue relax after the concert.

21st June 2013.

Concert at Bioley-Magnoux

StEtienne Church, Bioley-Magnoux
Youth orchestra with Ruth Bonuccelli
The Jonas choir, Geneva (Reto Reichenbach at the organ)
The Jonas choir, Geneva with Gaëtan Da Cruz

2nd December 2012 at St. Etienne, Bioley-Magnoux, with the Jonas choir Geneva, the youth orchestra, Ruth Bonuccelli, Reto Reichenbach, Gaëtan Da Cruz and Christine Sigwart.
Photos: Christine Armitage

2nd December 2012: Classical Concert at Bioley-Magnoux

Ruth Bonuccelli (Cello) and Reto Reichenbach (Piano) play Schubert, Beethoven and Bloch.
A wonderful concert!
The funds will be attributed to the «Scholarship Fund» for choristers of the Jonas-Choir, Geneva.

Kofi Annan is delighted by the singing of the choirs, the Jonas Singers and the Petits Chanteurs de la Cathédrale, at the First Session of the Human Rights' Council, United Nations, Geneva (19th June 2006)

Young singers from countries as varied as Iran, Zimbabwe, Angola, Rwanda, Cameroun, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, have been invited to sing at the first Session of the Human Rights Council. >>>

Next Events

Special piano concerts – CD available

The CD of Rati Skhirtladze’s Concert (13 years) and his teachers Natia Beraia Taktakishvlili and Dachi Taktakishvili is available — order here:
The concerts took place in Switzerland (Berne, Bioley-Magnoux, Geneva) from 12th to 15th March 2015.
On the program: Liszt, Chopin, Ravel, Lagidze.

You would like to donate?

More informations you can find here: >>>

Middle East

Drama workshops in Ramallah (Kathy Bergen, Faten Khoury) >>>

Milman Center, Haifa

Musictherapy for children suffering from autism at the Milman Center, Haifa

Armenia: Integration of disabled children

The Jonas Foundation supports the project “Art for Inclusion” in Armenia.

The goal of this activity is to promote greater integration and social inclusion for children/youth with disabilities through art. Documentary films: "I am a hero", "If you have wings" and "Only love". >>>

StDenis, France

The Jonas Music Class at Collège Pierre-de-Geyter, StDenis, France. For more information klick here.

London Music School

Read more about our music school in London here.

Puzzle «Creation»

"The Creation", a painting in form of a huge puzzle! A piece of art put together by handicapped children and children from the Bernese Oberland (April-September 2007). During the International Year 2008 of the Earth, "The Creation" is hosted by the International Airport Geneva where it can be viewed at Gate A 8. >>>