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January 2016, Sion-Sierre, Switzerland: The Jonas choir sings at the Protestant Church

31st January 2016»
Direction: Christine Sigwart and Ruth Bonuccelli
Reverend F. Schlaepppi and G. Cavin

August 2014: Summercamp in Scotland

The Trossachs, Loch Lomond, Scotland.
Making music at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch, a great Tourists' Centre: Stephanie James, Ruth Bonuccelli, James Bush, Carolina.
Peter Rayner filming in the rain!
A great atmophere at Ardoch... here with the staff at Ardoch Centre.
The Choir with Christine Sigwart, at Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch.
  • 9th-16th August 2014, at Ardoch, Loch Lomond
  • Theme: "Jonah and the Whale", a musical
  • With twenty children and teenagers from Switzerland and London

Film now available
The film of the musical "Jonah and the Whale" is now available! If you are interested, please write to: The Jonas Foundation · 7, Route d'Oppens · CH-1407 Bioley-Magnoux, Switzerland or:

25th May 2014: The Jonas Choir at St Peter's Cathedral, Geneva

The Jonas Choir at the "Fête de l'Eglise Protestante de Genève " (StPeter Cathedral, Geneva).

Patrick Baud, Modérateur de la Compagnie des Pasteurs avec les jeunes du choeur Jonas. (Photos: Yvonne Borloz et Carlos Ham Petersson)
Le choeur Jonas.

Mai 2014: Sunday-Brunch for Mother's Day at Peney-le-Jorat, Switzerland

May 11th 2014, salle communale of Peney-le-Jorat (VD).
Students from London and StDenis play at Mother's Day directed by Yu-Wei Hu, Ruth Bonuccelli, Miriam Schild.
Report of Journalist Dany Schaer in local newspapers (french): «Porter l’espoir par le biais de la musique»

Sunday, 17th March 2013, Oecumenical Celebration

Catholic Church of "Epiphania", 1219 Le Lignon, Geneva.
The Choir sings and brings music to the Celebration!

Concert at Bioley-Magnoux

StEtienne Church, Bioley-Magnoux
Youth orchestra with Ruth Bonuccelli
The Jonas choir, Geneva (Reto Reichenbach at the organ)
The Jonas choir, Geneva with Gaëtan Da Cruz

2nd December 2012 at St. Etienne, Bioley-Magnoux, with the Jonas choir Geneva, the youth orchestra, Ruth Bonuccelli, Reto Reichenbach, Gaëtan Da Cruz and Christine Sigwart.
Photos: Christine Armitage

2nd December 2012: Classical Concert at Bioley-Magnoux

Ruth Bonuccelli (Cello) and Reto Reichenbach (Piano) play Schubert, Beethoven and Bloch.
A wonderful concert!
The funds will be attributed to the «Scholarship Fund» for choristers of the Jonas-Choir, Geneva.

Jeûne Genevois, 6th September 2012

Temple St. Gervais, Geneva
The Jonas Choir Geneva sings at Jeûne Genevois.
Movement «Témoignons Ensemble» (Past. Roswitha Golder, Olivier Labarthe, Sonia Musy)

Summercamp in the mountains

June 30th to July 14th 2012
7500 StMoritz

The traditional Summercamp took place in the alpine valley of Engadine.
The theme «Creation - dance, music and rhythm» gave way to the creation of a musical in which 35 children and young people danced, sang and produced their own reflections on the topic: Our relationship to the environment, to one another, in society and within families has been the main concern of the youngsters.
An interactive Camp in which the origins of the youngsters, who came from six different countries, merged in making music together and in friendship.
The beauty of nature played a strong role and has been prevailing throughout the fortnight of the Camp.
A great «thank you» to the organisers, the direction of the camp, to enthusiastic teachers and wonderful volunteers!

Hotel Director Felix Dietrich with Christine Sigwart and the choir

Ruth Bonuccelli is conducting the orchestra

Masterclass with Kathia Buniatishvili

Masterclass for a group of young pianists coming from Georgia with Kathia Buniatishvili at Verbier!
Four young pianists, Mari, Tamuna, Wasiko and Rati had the privilege to be invited to receive a Masterclass from Kathia Buniatishvili, on Sunday, July 24th.
The children felt immediately at ease with Kathia who managed to approach them with warmth and enthusiasm.
Chopin, Bach and Beethoven have been played in the lovely chalet; Kathia's advice immediately absorbed and followed by the young pianists!
It has been a wonderful experience and encounter for the children and the audience, alike!
A great «thank you» to all organisers and to Kathia Buniatishvili!

Summercamp in Switzerland, July 11th-25th 2011

Participants came from France, Germany, Georgia (Caucasus) and from Switzerland.
An exceptional Summercamp took place in Switzerland from July 11th-25th with 27 youngsters from different backgrounds and origins.
The theme «Dialogue, Encounter» lead the participants into a reflexion on essential issues. «What is necessary to bring up dialogue?» «What do we understand under respect?» A colourful Show was the conclusion of the first week.

The second week lead the camp on a «walk» from Lake Thun to Lake Geneva, crossing the linguistic borders on the «Chalberhöni»-Alp, marching towards Gruyères, further on to the soft slopes at St.Légier and onwards to Bioley-Magnoux.
Concerts were given «en route»: Krattigen, Gstaad, StLégier on July 15th, 19th and 22nd. Open-air dances in Gstaad on July 20th.
It has been a happy and dynamic camp, filled music and dance - laughter and quiet moments.
A great «thank you» to the organisers, teachers and to the participants themselves!"

Christine Sigwart-Sartorius, July 28th 2011

On the Alp!

Felix Buser with two cellists from Berlin

A group of choristers from Geneva
Friendship and respect are like flowers on a tree

The children's choir from Georgia
Radu and Delia Lupu pay a visit to the Camp!

«Easter Workshop in Geneva», April 2011

«Easter Workshop in Geneva» at St Julien Parish and Champel-Malagnou Parish
April 27 to 30, 2011

Some fifteen children from the Geneva area met again for a Jonas workshop during their Easter holidays under the heading “Open Heart”. The children were encouraged to contemplate their attitude towards friends, family, neighbors etc. The reflections centered on the parable of the ‘good Samaritan’, which was presented as a musical sketch in front of an enthusiastic audience! -  Afterwards, the group animated the Saturday evening Mass at St. Julien in Meyrin, followed by an open air pizza dinner.

The night before, the children and their parents enjoyed a folkloric dinner (“Soirée des pays”) with meals from their respective countries at the Malagnou center. The also had a chance to have a guided tour at  the UN Headquarters in Geneva with focus on human rights, justice and peace.

An colourful “Easter Tree” with thoughts on the subjects elaborated during the camp concluded the week of leisure, reflection and creativity.

Geneva, 2nd of Mai 2011

youth and sports


From the 16th to the 23th of april David Bach will help in a youth and sports leadership-course. Youth and sports is a swiss institution that supports sports clubs and youth associations in Switzerland. The course subjects are, among other things, basics of spiritual guidance, leadership and outdoor knowledge.

„Witnessing together“, Geneva, december 2010

On the 14th of december 2010 representatives from different migrant churches in Geneva met with Sydia Nduna as representativ from the WCC (world council of churches). The goal of the meeting was becoming acquainted with each other and to set up a basement for corporate projects in the future.
The time we passed together was filled with discussions about different topics witch are important to migrant churches.
The Jonas Foundation is happy and proud to be a part of this young ecumenical movement in Geneva! 

Summer Camp 2010 on the Simplon Pass

Directly following the first camp we continued with a new group of people from London, Geneva and Madrid at a camp on the Simplon Pass from August 1-8. We explored the Simplon Pass region with a group of hiking guides, visited an alpine cabin where we enjoyed a wonderful alpine afternoon snack and climbed the Stadelhorn. It was an remarkable opportunity for these children coming from urban cities to experience the alpine nature.

We enjoyed excellent hospitality at the Simplon hospice! Additionally, we had plenty of music!

On the 5th of August, the children put on a concert in the small, but packed auditorium in Simplon. It was an evening full of beautiful moments!

Teachers:  Anthony and Fliss Bailey (clarinet, composition); Anita Buser (violin); Dachi Taktakishvili (piano); Natia Beraïa-Taktakishvili (piano, voice, dance)
Christine Sigwart (camp organization, choir); David Bach (camp organization, devotions, sport).
Completed by Irmgard Anthenien and a group of hiking guides.

Summer Camp 2010 in Bioley-Magnoux

The summer camp from July 26th to August 1st was a week full of enjoyment, fellowship and music.  While staying in the castle of Bioley-Magnoux--the boys in tents outside--we experienced the beautiful nature and peacefulness of this western region of Switzerland.

Various music teachers taught piano and cello master classes, a small orchestra, a recorder ensemble, a choir and prepared the planned concerts. We enjoyed a wonderful Georgian evening on Wednesday (with the children from an orphanage in Tiflis and their music teachers) and on Thursday a concert put on by the music teachers and some of the students in the castle of Bioley-Magnoux. The final concert, held in the Chièsaz Church in St. Légier, was held on Friday with the entire group.

Teachers: Reto Reichenbach, Dachi Taktakishvili (piano); Natia Beraïa-Taktakishvili (piano, voice); Felix Buser (cello, orchestra); Dr. Jane Brandon (recorder); Peter Rayner (cello chamber music), Christine Sigwart (camp organization, choir); David Bach (camp organization, animation, devotionals, sport); Ann Huber-Sigwart (camp organization, kitchen).

Fête de la Musique Lausanne, june 2010

Children from Geneva and some «Jonas Singers» sing at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) and at the Chapelle du Valentin, Lausanne.

Summer Camp Bioley-Magnoux 2009

Masterclasses and the creation of a Musical,"Aline, the princess who learnt to fly..." were at the centre of this year's music and drama camp.

Thirty youngsters from all walks of life came together to Bioley-Magnoux to sing, to perform and play music.

The theme "Exclusion|Integration" lead the participants in the creation of a Musical, "Aline, the princess who learnt to fly...", reflecting their thoughts on the subject.

Concert: Eglise de la Chiésaz, StLégier, Friday, July 24th

Show "Aline, the princess who learnt to fly..", Bioley-Magnoux, Saturday, July 25th

August 2008 : Summercamp at the Simplon Hospiz, Switzerland

July 27th to August 3rd 2008 | Youth from Europe and from Switzerland spent a week at the Simplon-Hospiz under the guidance of the Fathers of the Grand-Saint-Bernard. The theme «My life's path» lead the young people in discussions for the meaning of their lives. Hiking, cooking outdoors and playing music together rendered the camp full of discoveries and laughter. Wonderful memories remain from this week in the mountains.
Camp directors: Father Jean-Pascal Genoud, Father Jean-Pierre Voutaz, Prior; Christine Sigwart, Jonas Foundation –
With Anthony Bailey, Steven Bailey, Jane Brandon, Lisa Yacoub, Sandra Hugin. For the trekking tours with the great team of Irmgard Anthenien.
Picture Gallery | Simplon Hospiz | Trekking Guide Irmgard Anthenien | newspaper article Walliserbote (pdf)

September 2007: «The Creation» in 12'000 pieces...

Aeschiried Puzzle

Social integration through the arts: a project took place in September at the Ferienheim Aeschiried, Bernese Oberland/Switzerland

Under the guidance of their teachers, Valentin Leibundgut and Kuno von Känel, children from a school in the mountains and from a home for children with special needs came to Aeschiried to spend a week together. The aim was to create a giant puzzle: the Creation.

First, it had to be painted under the guidance of the artist anf former TV-producer Pierre-André Müller; then coloured with great care. All elements are to be found in the picture: water, air, light and matter, a beautiful rainbow; plants, animals and two little people. Enthusiasm for our environment is perceived in this work of art!

The picture was then split up: "together, we shall be one!", was the logo of the camp; aiming at bringing 12'000 little pieces together to make the puzzle complete, again; aiming at overcoming our differences.

A beautiful experience!

A big Thank You goes to:

Rainer Zimmerli, Ferienzentrum Aeschiried
Valentin Leibundgut, Mittelschule Winklen, Winklen/Frutigen
Kuno von Känel, Regionales Behindertenzentrum, Interlaken
André-Pierre Müller, painter and former TV Producer

The Puzzle is to be viewed at the Geneva Airport at Gate A8!

25th of August 2007, Geneva: Baba Yaga

«Baba Yaga, a Russian tale»

Thirty children, mainly from Kurdistan, Kosovo and Sudan, performed the lively Musical "Baba Yaga, a Russian tale" at the Salle Frank-Martin, Geneva.
It has been a fabulous experience creating a show with lots of dances, rhythms and songs, fantastic enthusiasm and energy!
In collaboration with: "Le Mouvement de Genève". With the gracious support of "Culture et Développement", Berne and the Associations "Camarada" and "Agora", Geneva.

August 2007: Musical camp "Dances and rhythms of the world"

Ferienzentrum Aeschiried, 6th–15th August 2007
Theme: "Dances and rhythms of the world, in dialogue"

Participants: Children and youngsters from suburban London, Paris, Berlin; two children from an orphanage in Tbilissi, Georgia. Youngsters from Switzerland and Swiss Abroad.
Place: Ferienheim Aeschiried, 3703 Aeschi ob Spiez

Thirty teenagers and children came together to Aeschiried with the somewhat nebulous idea to "work together" on rhythm, dance and dialogue. What emerged was an energizing chaos: clusters of groups talking to each other, composing, singing, performing their very own version of what dialogue means to them.

On a walk through the Centre, you would have met young cellists, communicating to each other in a non-stop improvisation, the youngest of the participants being six and the eldest, eleven; in another room, you might have watched Drissa Sanon from Burkina Faso, teaching drumming to his students – demonstrating what dialogue over continents means, to the heart! –  or you might have opened your ear to teenagers pondering over “isolation”, referring to specific situations in schools, on the street, in gangs, coming up with ideas: bullying at School is on their mind and the courage it takes to withstand a group, raising the question, how to “open up to dialogue” .
The discussion groups expressed their feelings in a mime which became the starting point to the Show: a young woman, standing on her own, people passing by…. no one would look at her, no one would talk to her – ignored by everyone.
Exclusion|Integration – the dance led to the integration of the person as, one by one, the dancers came up, inviting her to join in.

Dialogue in every corner of the house:
– piano and djembé conversing over a Bach Prelude and Fugue;
– "dance of recognition", a group of dancers;
– "Solovei", a song from the Caucasus and songs which have been composed during the camp, "Come, talk to me!", "Mirko’s Song", "Nous marchons dans la nuit, nous marchons vers le jour"
– Mozarts "das Kleine Konzert", with Son-Save, Soloman and Fred from Paris-StDenis;
– finally, the young artists’s group, painting a tapestry, their fingers, cheeks, nose and hair happily covered with colour!
- And, many more…!
It has been a most worthwhile experience.

– Saturday, August 11th 2007, 19:45 p.m.: Schlosskirche, Interlaken
– Sunday, August 12th 2007, 19:30 p.m.: Freie Evangelische Gemeinde, Düdingen FR
Piano Recital:
– Monday, August 13th 2007, 19:30 p.m.: Dachi Taktakishvili performs at the "Single Hotel Eden", Spiez and plays Rachmaninov, Beethoven and Bach.

– London: Bénédicte, Morgan, Efua, Erefua, Kweku, Adrian, Yassine, Kathryn, Manuel, Munetsi Brandon, Selina, Miranda, Billy, Martin,
– Paris/StDenis: Son-Save, Fred, Soloman, Kodou, Fanta
– Berlin-Hohenschönhausen: Viet-Anh, Mai-Anh, Ronny, Mirko, Raphaël
– Genève et Bioley-Magnoux: Océane, Amélie, Sibylle
– Tbilissi : Tamouna, Marie

Felix Buser (cello), Anita Buser (violin), Drissa Sanon (percussion), Peter Aebersold (guitar), André Shlimon (piano), Dachi Taktakishvili (piano), Chanel Kiasi (choir and percussion), Lisa Yacoub (piano), Lucia Baumgartner (choreography),
Lisa Lévy (youthgroup leadership), Nicole Margot (youthgroup leadership), Miriam Blaser (youthgroup leadership), Steven Bailey (Child Care), Dao Tran (accompanying adult), Anne-Marie Emmert (costumes), Anthony Bailey (clarinet, composition, co-director of the Camp), Christine Sigwart (choir, piano, director of the Camp)

We thank very warmly  for their generous support
– Daniel Schranz, Musicshop, Thun
– Niesenbahn AG, Mülenen
– Single Hotel Eden, Spiez
– Freie Evangelische Gemeinde, Düdingen
– Schlosskirche, Interlaken
– Methodistische Gemeinde, Aeschi
– Rettungsdienst Frutigland, Spital Frutigen, Frutigen
– Pastor Olivier Buttex, Dénezy
– "Culture et Développement", Bern
– Ferienzentrum Aeschiried, Aeschi ob Spiez
And all those who have helped us in many ways, organising costumes, bringing cookies to the Camp, talking to us, inviting us to a drink or even to a meal!
Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

June 2007: Choral Tour

22nd-25th June 2007, Choral Tour in Switzerland: The "Jonas Singers" (Dir. Chanel Kiasi) sing at the Simplon Hospiz and in Gondo, village which had been destroyed from a landslide in 2000, and since rebuilt.

June 2006: UN Human Rights Council

18th June 2006: Choral Tour in Switzerland: the "Jonas Singers" sing with the "Petits Chanteurs de la Cathédrale" at Cathédrale StPierre, Geneva (Fête de la Musique 2006).

19thJune 2006: Choral Tour in Switzerland: the "Jonas Singers" sing with the "Petits Chanteurs de la Cathédrale" at the first Session of the Human Rights Council, United Nations, Geneva.
(Christine Sigwart)